How do I start a service request?

You must call us and have telephone approval prior to having any work done. Reimbursement for services will not be made without prior approval. 

To initiate a service request, just call us at (888) 509-2916 and a Customer Service Representative will walk you through our simple process.

For more information, you can download a PDF with our entire service process on it using this link.

How do I know if my service request will be covered by the contract?

When you call Customer Service at (888) 509-2916 to initiate a service request, we will validate that there is general coverage for the item in question. However, we won’t be able to confirm exact coverage and coverage limits until Customer Service is contacted after the licensed contractor you choose diagnoses the problem.

I know I can choose my own licensed contractor, but what if I can’t find one in my area or don’t know how to choose the right one for my needs?

If you are having trouble finding a contractor in your area, our Customer Service will be happy to help. The number to call is (888) 509-2916.

Do I have to pay the contractor for the services associated with my issue?

You will be required to pay the lesser of a trade call fee or the actual cost of the service to your selected contractor for each service request. Further, if your selected contractor provides repairs or replacements to items not covered, or charges more than our allotted coverage limits, you will be required to pay those expenses.