Home protection

from unexpected repair and replacement costs


what is home protection?

Our home protection consists of a service contract for your home's major systems and appliances. we protect you from repair and replacement costs associated with our covered items.

While we strive to cover most unexpected major household expenses, our plans do not cover everything. Coverage limitations do apply and can be found in the terms & conditions section of this website. You will be required to pay the lesser of a trade call fee or the actual cost of the service to your selected contractor for each service request. Further, if your selected contractor provides repairs or replacements to items not covered, or charges more than our allotted coverage limits, you will be required to pay those expenses.

what makes us different?

we believe that by empowering you and honoring our commitments, we will transform our industry for the better

We empower you to choose your own licensed contractors for all required services. Unlike traditional home warranty companies that have limited pools of contractors in their networks, you will be ensured of prompt, reliable service by having the whole market at your disposal.  Of course, we are here to assist you in finding the right contractor if you so choose. 

Achosa (ah ch ō sah) means "the power to choose."