About Us

We launched Achosa in 2018 with the aim of revolutionizing the home warranty industry through an improved business model. Our team has extensive experience in the field, as well as backgrounds in consumer services, real estate, and home services. This allows us to bring a diverse range of perspectives to the table.

Through the collaborative efforts of our team, we crafted the Achosa business model, integrating our best ideas into a cohesive strategy. While we initially held high expectations for enhancing customer and business partner experiences, the actual results have exceeded even our wildest imaginations.

We aptly named our company Achosa, derived from the phrase "the power to choose." This name encapsulates our core philosophy of transferring control from the company to the customer when it comes to their home services. By empowering our customers to select their own contractors, we enable them to choose local companies with top ratings that promptly restore their homes to working order whenever service issues arise. Moreover, this approach allows customers to actively support their local communities in a manner aligned with their values.

Transparency is another key aspect of our model. We prioritize providing utmost clarity and honoring our commitments, striving to offer the best customer claims experience in the industry. However, we recognize that our mission is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to continuously raising the bar. Expect even greater things from us in the future!


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Stories from Our Team

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