About Us

We started Achosa in 2018 as we saw the opportunity to create a better business model for the home warranty industry. While our team had substantial industry experience, we also had backgrounds in consumer services, the real estate industry, and home services.

By bringing together our best ideas from multiple perspectives, we developed the Achosa business model. While we had high hopes for how much we could improve customer and business partner experiences, the actual results have been even better than we expected.

We named our company Achosa, which means “the power to choose.” In essence, we transferred control from the company to the customer for their home services. With the power to choose their own contractors, customers can select the local companies with the highest ratings that will promptly get their homes back in working order when service issues arise. Also, by choosing their own contractors, customers can ensure that they are supporting their local communities in the manner they see fit.

In addition to giving power to our customers, our model also prioritizes transparency. By being as clear as possible, and honoring our commitments, we are succeeding towards our mission of providing the best customer claims experience in the industry. However, we know our mission is never complete. Expect even more from us in the future!


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Stories from Our Team

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